The way we work

we design solutions

We design for purpose. That is what we do. You’re facing a challenge concerning behaviour. We take it on using our extensive knowledge of game design. We strongly believe in co-creation. We take you with us on the journey to tackle any issue you are dealing with and create solutions it together.

technology aided

We believe the impact technological innovation will have on the world depends mostly on its application, rather than the development itself. The final product can be a game. It can be a playful interaction, an installation, a workshop, or even something else entirely. We are in the persuasion business. Technology enables us to work where challenge and fun intersect.

human centered

All products we design are human centered. We start each process by identifying what you as a company want before we rapidly switch gears to find out what your end user wants. Combining these two skillsets has enabled us to achieve amazing results in the past. We believe it’s the only way to reach the level of understanding required to deal with complex challenges.

What we do

We don’t make games. No really, we don’t.
We design game infused solutions to your challenges.

Dutch historian Johan Huizinga once said “Games are separated from real life by a magic circle”. We are all game designers and over time we’ve come to doubt this statement. Are games really confined from reality by a magic circle, time or space? Or is life a game and can we use game design to solve real issues? We believe so. That’s why we don’t make games, we really don’t, especially if games are, by definition, disconnected from reality. We do however, apply game based design principles to reality.

  • Solutions

    We design for purpose and believe strongly in co-creation.

  • technology aided

    Tech impact depends on its application

  • human centered

    We start the process with needs and quickly switch gears to look

Who we are

WDMG houses a multitude of disciplines. From game designers and concepters to writers, animators and developers
Game designer & Coordinator
Esra aims to reinforce the decisive power of the players by explorative play. She does this by specializing in the design of social constructivist training games.
Game Developer & Designer
Jose is a game Industry veteran, he worked as designer, producer and engineer on a multitude of triple AAA game titles for Sony and Microsoft. Always willing to create new things and apply innovative ideas. Gamification enthusiast.
Manouk is passionate about making documentaries that give the world insight in various lifestyles. With a history in accountancy and sales she knows how to attract attention, get audiences involved and make them interact.
Game Developer & Sound Engineer
Manuel Gonzalez is always thinking about how to improve any game he gets his hands on. His fields of expertise are coding, game design, art supervision and sound design. Music is one of his passions which led to him forming a band back in the days. Composing music is a hobby for him nowadays.
Game designer & Concept development
Max thinks games should be including and enabling, rather than restrictive or disabling and builds his game concepts around that idea. He hosted GameDenken evenings to build games with other people and taught civil servants about the power of games.
Illustrator & Animator
I want to clearly tell stories, but always leave room for a metaphor or double layer. My heart beats faster when the things I have built start moving . I prefer to work 50 % 50 % analog and digital.
Writer & Futurist
Rein is passionate about communication. His writing style is based on the skill of copywriting. Therefore he writes concisely. He loves disarming complexity and delivering compact, understandable renderings of abstract concepts. 

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